Title: Tell me more about the features that come with my Email Package
Email Package Features

Automatic virus protection
We have advanced virus tools configured to automatically detect and delete emails containing viruses, preventing them from ever reaching your inbox. This service is a standard feature on all our packages, leaving you free to concentrate on more important things.

Advanced spam filtering
Unfortunately spam is a huge problem internet-wide and effects most email users. Having a personalised email address significantly reduces the risk of receiving unwanted mail, but our service also comes with advanced multi-layered spam prevention tools to help avoid annoying spam emails. Firstly we check and filter your emails against a list of known spammers, eliminating the vast majority of unwanted mail. Secondly our spam detection tools automatically filter any further spam into a separate folder, leaving you with a spam-free Inbox. Find out more...

Webmail allows you to send and receive your emails simply by logging in through our website. This means you can login to your Webmail from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world. Every email address that you setup comes with its own Webmail facility, giving you the choice to use your email accounts wherever you are.

Our Webmail includes loads of great features and is easy to use with no technical knowledge or setup required. You can also customise the look, colour and layout of your Webmail - this allows you to choose an environment that suits you. Here's just a few examples:

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For instructions on how to login, please click here.

Use your favourite email software
Not only do we provide a great Webmail facility, with our service you can also use your favourite email software to send and receive your emails, either on your computer or email-capable phone. We provide you with full instructions and support, making it quick and easy to get started. Click here for further details and instructions.

Easy 'My Account' area
You can login to the My Account area which gives you easy access to tools to manage your overall account in one central place. You can add/delete email addresses, upgrade your package or space, view and amend your contact details and more.

Flexible storage
If you need more space for your mail, we offer disk space upgrades for your package so you don't have to worry about running out of storage space. For full details and prices, please click here.

If you would like an automatic reply to be sent to emails you receive, then setting up an autoresponder or vacation message is easy. Click here for more details.

Unlimited Aliases
Setting up an alias allows you to receive emails for a different username as well as your main username. For example if your email address was you@yourname.com, you could setup an alias such as 'email' and then any emails sent to email@yourname.com will be received to your account. This is different to having separate addresses because all the mail is received into the same mailbox. If you require different addresses where people can send and receive just their own mail, then our Email5 and Email20 packages offer multiple addresses. For more details on aliases, please click here.

Email Forwarding
You may wish to have all your emails forwarded to a different email address, such as your ISP or work address. For instructions, please see here.

With all our packages you get full use of our SMTP outgoing mail servers for your package.

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